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Innovation and Service for a World with Clean Power

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Innovation & Service for a World with Clean Power

Ansaldo Thomassen, Innovation and Service for a World with Clean Power

Together with our parent company Ansaldo Energia (Italy) and sister companies Power Systems Mfg. LLC (USA) and Ansaldo Thomassen Gulf (UAE), Ansaldo Thomassen (ATH) is part of the global Multi-OEM gas turbine services team. Combining the engineering capacity from our OEM expertise and background, coupled with the flexibility of an independent service provider, we are the leading high-technology aftermarket service provider for multi-OEM platform gas turbine power plants worldwide.


High Hydrogen Gas Turbine Retrofit Project Update

With the redesigned FlameSheet™ technology, atmospheric testing at 100% load with 100% Hydrogen has been achieved. Analysis of all test results is ongoing for final reporting and Ansaldo Thomassen...

Important subsidy for High Hydrogen Gas Turbine Retrofit Project paves way towards emission-free gas turbines

Ansaldo Thomassen together with five Dutch partners have been awarded a subsidy by the Dutch Government for the project: “High Hydrogen Gas Turbine Retrofit to Eliminate Carbon Emissions”. The...


ATH Online Webinar Content Available

We would like to thank all participants for joining our Online Webinar series in the beginning of October! The webinar presentations and recordings are now available via this link. All participants...

Online Webinars 2020

Unfortunately we have had to cancel our Asset Manager Conference. Since we would still like to get in touch and inform you about the latest developments and products, we will organise three online...